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Las herramientas para que el docente se apoye en las nuevas tecnologías para el aprendizaje de los estudiantes

Sistema de Educación Media Superior

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British Council

A beginner’s guide to mobile learning in ELT
The benefits of new technology in language learning
Teaching English online: opportunities and pitfalls
How I learned to teach English through a video screen
How technology can connect children from around the world
Why teachers should train in digital technology
Mobiles learning: improve your English anytime, anywhere
How to get started as an online teacher of English
Innovations in learning technologies for English language teaching
Self-access: A framework for diversity


American English

Hot Potatoes Activity-Making Software
Audacity: Audio Recording Software
Theory and Research
Blended Learning
World Wide Wiki
Video Games: The New Media Literacy
Open Source Resources
Fully Online Courses
Flipped Classrooms


Cambridge English

Engaging Language Learners through Video
Innovation in teaching practice – autonomy and multimedia
Innovation in teaching practice – What does it Look Like in Practice?
Reviewing Innovation – Questions Teachers Should Ask
Innovation in teaching practice – motivation and 21st century learners
 Six reasons to use video in the ELT classroom